Ladies Day Outing 2019

The Bell Ridge Ladies Aid enjoyed an outing on Saturday, August 10.  It was a wonderful day of exploring the quilt shop close to the church along with lunch and other shops in Paris.  Many thanks to Kathy Martin’s Quilt Shop, Jane’s Bath, Body & Balm, The Jenny Wren, Ruth White’s Beauty Shop & Country Craft Boutique, Sweet Vintage and The Yellow Block Mercantile.

Additional pictures have been posted in the Ladies Aid album on the Gallery page.

Young Women’s Bible Study

Vanessa Janis and Abbie Furlong have made plans for a Young Women’s Bible Study to begin in September.  The details will be included in this Sunday’s bulletin.

Inflatable, Kiddie Pools

Don is looking to borrow four, inflatable kiddie pools.  He needs them by Wednesday, July 24.  If you have one (or more) to share with him for a few days, please let him know.  Thanks!

Christ In Youth Conference

What a great week!  Don and I traveled to Lee University in Cleveland, TN with 24 students to attend the Christ In Youth Conference.  The weather was hot, the whitewater rafting was fun and the students got to experience something bigger than themselves for the first time.  

Additional pictures will be posted in the “Church Camps 2019” photo album on the Gallery page.

~ Camille

All Church Cook-Out

The Membership Ministry is hosting an All Church Cook-Out this Sunday, July 7 at 6:00 p.m.  Everyone is invited!  Please join us to learn more about our Bell Ridge Church family.

~ Kurt

Charlie Brown Day at Camp Illiana

Charlie Brown Day Camp is held for students in Kindergarten and 1st Grade.  On June 15, five children along with Kurt, Tammy and Becky traveled to Camp Illiana to experience a day of worship, games and swimming.  Everybody had an enjoyable day!

Additional pictures have been posted to the “Summer Camps 2019” album on the Gallery page.

~ Kimberly

Junior High Sunday School Project

My Junior High Sunday School class is studying the book of Acts.  During this session, we are focusing on missions and what we can do to bless those in our church that are sick or just need a little encouragement.  These boys really did a fantastic job on their project.

There are more photos of their project in the “Sunday School” album on the Gallery page.

~  Robin

“Epic Week” at Camp Illiana

It’s Middle School “Epic Week” at Camp Illiana.  Don, Camille and seven of our youth are there and having a blast!  If you and/or a friend would like to hear about the remaining summer camps, please call or email the church.  We’ll be happy to share the information with you.

~ Kimberly

Roar VBS Day 5

Today’s lesson in VBS was:

When life is good…… God is good!

Roar VBS Day 4

Today’s lesson in VBS was:

When life is sad…….God is good!