Celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord

On April 4th Resurrection Sunday, our Son Rise Service and breakfast begins at 6:30 a.m.  Sunday School will follow at 9:30 a.m. and our morning worship at 10:40 a.m.  Everyone is welcome to join us.

Rural King Church Week

Rural King is hosting “Church Week” in March. All receipts with a purchase date of March 14-27, 2021 can be entered into their website. At the end of this promotion, Bell Ridge will receive a check for 10 percent of our total purchases.

You can enter the data yourself by going to http://www.ruralking.com/churchweek , or you are welcome to bring your receipts to the church office so that the appropriate information can be entered online. Sharing copies of receipts and/or emailing or texting images of your receipts to the church or Kurt will also work (we don’t have to use the original.)

This applies to all Rural King stores, not just the one in our county. Please share with your family and friends. Let’s use this opportunity to support our church and its programs.

Lifetouch Mobile Directory

Our mobile directory will allow you to search by name, view family profiles and scroll through the onscreen guided tour. This data is navigable on your pc’s and mobile devices. If using a mobile device, you will be able to tap any of the icons to initiate phone calls, emails or mapping whether in family view or individual profiles.

You will need an access code the first time that you log in. That code is available by calling the office at 217.463.8024 or by sending an email to bellridge@bellridge.org.

All additions and revisions to the directory must be completed by the site administrator. Please call the office or send an email with any edits that you would like made to your data profiles or with any questions regarding the directory.


Christmas Eve Services

There will be two Christmas Eve Services (one at 6 PM and the other at 7 PM) this year in order to help with social distancing. There are sign-up sheets in the foyer for you to let us know which service you prefer. When the list gets to around 50 people we will close that service and encourage you to attend the other service. Thank you for understanding and may you have a Merry Christmas celebrating the greatest gift that was ever given.

You are welcome to sign up in person or you may call the office at 217.463.8024 to share your family name and the number that will be in attendance.

~ Kurt

Paris Community Prayer Service

Mark your calendars.  The 2020 Community Prayer Service will be held at First Christian Church on Saturday, November 7 at 8:00 a.m.  Come join other believers in prayer for our Community and Nation.

Operation Christmas Child

We will participate in Samaritan’s Purse again this year. Excitement is in the air for these children who know that they will be receiving a box from the United States-Paris, IL, Bell Ridge Christian Church. You too, can get excited by purchasing items for these boxes.
BRCC plans to send 125 this year. Below are the dates we have set for the collecting, packing and delivering boxes to the local distribution center in Marshall.

COLLECTING ITEMS begins Sunday, Nov 1 – Sat. Nov 13.
There will be table/s set up in the foyer for your contributions. We are asking that you bring things that will fit in a shoe box that are unbreakable, hygiene and school supplies – just think of items that you would give your children. Clothes, shoes & underwear are acceptable. Look for a WOW item for each box.
*Adult Sunday School classes will be donating: crayons, pencils & sharpers, notebooks, erasers, paint boxes, toothbrushes, soap, wash clothes, comb, brushes, and sunglasses.
NO candy or gum, No liquids, NO war related toys, NO medications, toothpaste, lotions, or damaged or used items.

PACKING 125 BOXES will be during the Sunday School hour on Nov. 15th. This year we will NOT be having any food or drinks during the boxing party. Masks may be worn, but not required, and there will be more room tables to accommodate the gifts.

You can also donate $9.00 for each box that we send for shipping and other project costs.

The most special thing you can do is pray for these children, items that are picked out with love, and all the work that goes into these boxes to better serve our Lord and His kingdom.

If you would like additional information, please contact Becky Bayes at 217.822.2658.

WOW! Gifts for All ages BOYS & GIRLS + other ideas

2-4 year olds
Stuffed animal-beanie baby
Dolls (consider including clothes with it)
Toy trucks, cars, tractors
Soccer balls – small, not inflated (include a manual pump)
Outfit of clothing to wear, underwear & socks
Adhesive band aids (colorful)
Chap stick – no medicated ones
Reusable plastic containers-cups, water bottles, blunt edge utensils
(consider filling the empty containers with hair ribbons, nail clippers, etc.)
Foam balls
Coloring books
Flip flops / Crocs / shoes
Play dough

5-9 year olds consider all the above items
Back pack/totes/purse
Flashlight (with extra batteries)
Markers, adhesive tape
Glue sticks –not liquid glue
Age appropriate jewelry
Hair ties, scrunchies, ribbons
Chalk board & chalk
Jump ropes
Small musical instruments

10-14 year olds consider all the above items
Brightly colored rope or twine-fishing kit
Garden tools
Baseball & mitt
Tennis balls, hacky sacks, football
Playing cards
Sewing kits
Watch with solar battery operated

Blanketed by Love

The Compassionate Clothing Closet’s (CCC) annual blanket drive will begin tomorrow, October 1 and will conclude on October 31. Please consider donating a new or gently, used blanket to be given to our neighbors in need during the long, winter months. Donations can be brought to Bell Ridge or can be taken directly to the CCC location at 211 N Central Ave in Paris (Monday or Tuesday 12-2 p.m.) Blanket distribution will begin in November.