We are part of a movement called the Restoration Movement within the church of Jesus Christ to restore the authority of the Lord over all things. We are one of approximately 6,000 US congregations which are free and independent, but which are simultaneously accountable to one another and to the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are not bound by ecclesiastical hierarchy and organization, but led by ordinary men with faith and the Holy Spirit.

We try to be servants, dependent upon God to produce in us the fruit of goodness. We are not perfect saints, but forgiven sinners on the way to maturity.

We would like to see all Christians clear the way for the unity or oneness in Christ for which he most earnestly prayed in John 17.

To be a member here is to agree to the same terms the New Testament requires: Faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, repentance from sin and baptism by immersion in water. We are persuaded that God has commanded all who believe to be baptized – Matthew 28 : 19,20 and Mark 16 : 15,16.

We see communion of the Lord’s Supper as an important act of worship in the New Testament, so every Lord’s Day we partake in remembrance of our Lord as He commanded.

We are not without faults and weaknesses, but the Holy Spirit is still patiently at work bringing us from one degree of glory to another. We invite you to come and share with us in our venture for Christ and His Kingdom here on earth.