BRCC Announcements

I hope and pray that this post finds everyone doing well and that you sense God’s presence in your daily life.  Just want to share a couple of announcements.  One, Vanessa Janis is starting a zoom session for young women.  You can contact her for when they are “zooming” and to get the code to join in.  Second, May 7th is the National Day of Prayer.  Because we can not meet together to pray, the Paris Ministerial Fellowship is asking each Church to pray for our nation during one hour of that day.  Bell Ridge has been asked to pray during the 4-5 hour of the afternoon.  I hope that you will join me in that time to pray for our nation.  There are many things to pray about, but the most important would be for our nation to turn back to God one person at a time.  Ask God to change the heart of one person.

~ Kurt